About UC

When we see a sign that says ‘Danger: Do Not Enter’, we understand that this is simply a shorthand way of saying ‘Leaving Protected Zone: Demonstrate Personal Accountability Beyond This Point’. Jeff Chapman (aka Ninjalicious)

Welcome to Urbex Central. We are a loose affiliation of urban explorers based around the geographical centre of New Zealand who for various reasons make a habit of leaving the ‘protected zone’. Essentially, we go wherever we please throughout New Zealand and overseas, and document our adventures in still and moving images and in words. From subterranean tunnels up to the tops of towers and roofs, from abandoned sites through to active sites, we each have our particular haunts. Use the dropdown menus down on the right of this page to browse by geographical region (for example: Auckland), or for location category (for example: rooftopping, draining, abandoned, bridges, ship). We also have a highlights category where we will variously showcase some of our favourite explorations.

We also have a Locations page which includes our explored locations around New Zealand and overseas.

Some of us explore to uncover and to document the forbidding beauty of abandoned, overlooked, secluded or restricted environments. Some of us enjoy personally experiencing the concept of public ownership by exploring urban infrastructure that has been built out of our contributions as tax-paying citizens. Some of us explore for the physical, psychological and ethical challenges involved with confounding the porous barriers around us that separate the known environment from the lesser known.

All of us share the desire to learn from and to interact with the world around us in deeper ways. And together, we try to do so leaving as light a footprint as we possibly can. Please enjoy and revisit our site which is constantly getting updated. 369 posts at the time of writing this, and that’s after only one year online!

If you’d like to get in contact, to find out more about the New Zealand urban exploration communities, perhaps get involved or come experience urbex with us, drop us a message via the contact tab top right. Alternatively, here are a few links via which you can follow what we are doing:


14 thoughts on “About UC

    • Thanks for your kind words gpcox. This manifesto is taking us into some interesting environments. New locations and possibilities are opening up faster than we can document them! While our histories will never be as comprehensive as your pacificparatrooper ones, we hope you find occasion to drop by every now and again to see our latest movements in the unprotected zone.
      Warmly, UrbXC (Gunner)

  1. Heya Gunner! I’ve gone and nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog… If you wanna pay it forward, then there are a few rules: 1. Pay tribute to the blog than nominated you, 2. Tell us something about yourself, and 3. Tell us about some blogs that you follow! Kinda simple? I hope I’m doing it right…. :P
    Don’t worry, no one will die if you don’t participate, no bad things will happen to you, and you’re gonna be just as lucky or unlucky as you currently are if you post about it. So no worries! just wanted to tell people about your blog. :)

  2. Hi there, I’ve added your blog to my reader. I will come and visit this blog again to have a good look at your adventures. Love your photos of Beelitz-Heilstätten. As I live in the Netherlands, perhaps I will try to visit it too. Unfortunately my blog is in Dutch. Would be nice to see you stop by.
    Cheers, Jos

  3. hi there loving the vids. i am into paintball and looking for abandoned buildings to play, where would you recommend. i am from palmerston north new zealand

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