Gunner hardly requires an introduction here at Urbex Central. No doubt you’ll be more than familiar with his antics- in particular his dizzying, vertigo inducing videos. Our chief explorer has been very busy this year- very busy indeed… Unfortunately due to a recent rooftopping accident, he’s going to be a bit quieter over the next month or two. Lets hope Gunner recovers well over the holiday period and is back in force in the New Year.

Tunnel 5l


Tunnel 4 final


Tunnel 3 final


7 thoughts on “Gunner

    1. urbexcentral Post author

      Hey Tina. I think I found you on Facebook. Guess who has also acted in a German play directed by Monica? Haha. Small world, with even smaller villages. Gnr 🙂

      1. hayley

        You’re nothing if not a keen man, Gunner :). It will go without saying that your injury was collected in more spectacular fashion than me breaking my toe against the humble couch in my living room.

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