I Got You In My Sights


Near the end of WW2, between 30 and 50 anti-fascist partisans were trapped in fields here defending themselves against Bulgarian bomber planes. They held out for several hours, surrounded with no hope of escape or survival. One of them was a doctor who had treated wounded fellow partisans at secret infirmaries. He was captured alive here and tortured for several days, at which point he revealed the address of one of the infirmaries, leading to the machine-gunning there of fourteen-year-old Mitko Palauzov along with others. Despite rewriting of history following the Soviet occupation of Bulgaria immediately after WW2, Palauzov was not in fact a resistance fighter, but was – at the direction of his active partisan father – in hiding with his mother who was a nurse at the infirmary. Erroneous Soviet-era statues still stand in Bulgaria of soft-faced Palauzov carrying a gun, although in truth he never fought. Palauzov’s father was subsequently murdered by poisoning by the ruling Soviets after he expressed his outrage that his son’s memory had been manipulated for political ends. Shot and edited in 4K ultra high definition by Gunner.


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