Confront : A Void

It matters little what kind of product this factory used to make. Nor does it particularly matter that the location is a couple of hours' drive out of Sofia, Bulgaria. This kind of sensation - of being a tiny, living, breathing life-force dwarfed inside a vast, long-dead structure - can be found anywhere, and experienced … Continue reading Confront : A Void


My Teacher’s Left

In 1987, the teachers at this Bulgarian school were told to destroy all artefacts relating to the Soviet era. Instead, they stowed images of Lenin, the communist flag and other left-leaning iconography in the basement and in the attic. One teacher was committed enough to keep anti-Fascist partisan artwork in the classroom, featuring scenes of … Continue reading My Teacher’s Left


Some exterior shots of the Battersea Powerstation- late 99. This iconic London structure is arguably the most recognisable face of British industrial architecture today. Famous for its Pink Floyd album cover (with the flying pig)- Battersea Powerstation is also a bit of an urban exploration mecca.