Wellington’s Abandoned Chapel

It has been a long time since urbexcentral visited this beauty, a famous abandoned icon of our city. While the rest of the buildings fall further into despair the chapel remains mainly untouched, preserved and safe from graffiti for now - let's hope it stays that way.  


Sydney Harbour Bridge Tower

  While in Sydney, after visiting cockatoo island, I made a beeline up the harbour bridge to take some photos. There are guided tours where you can walk over the bridge (seen in one of my photos) however they don't allow cameras on these, so I was forced to climb one of the towers in … Continue reading Sydney Harbour Bridge Tower

Cockatoo Island 2 – Tunnels

Underneath the Island, in the areas not hewn away to make room for heavy industry, Cockatoo island is criss-crossed with a myriad of tunnels, facilitating the movement of people, materials and equipment across the island. These also served a dual purpose as an air-raid shelter for use in the Second World War: one was even … Continue reading Cockatoo Island 2 – Tunnels

Cockatoo Island 1 – Cranes

Littering the Cockatoo Island landscape, these sentinels are an imposing sight on the skyline. Many of the cranes have fallen into incredible states of disrepair, with some of the booms having become completely detached from the body of the crane. These cranes are the subject of my first post on Cockatoo Island, one is even … Continue reading Cockatoo Island 1 – Cranes