Dot On A Landscape

This chimney is part of a meat freezing works that operated between 1890 and 1987 on a site spanning 26 acres. It only operated independently for 6 years before being taken over by its major creditor, the National Mortgage and Agency Company of New Zealand. In 1940 it began its second half-century under the ownership … Continue reading Dot On A Landscape


Carb’s Up

It feels somewhat ironic that this industrial site is classed as a Category I Historic Place. What is being commemorated includes: the unregulated 1930's; the polluting of a nearby stream and lake with the deliberate discharge of poisonous byproducts including phenols, ammonia and hydrocarbons; the amassing onsite of 15,000 cubic metres of waste liquid and … Continue reading Carb’s Up

Tan Done

We dropped into this tannery some time ago while doing a day road trip with a parkour athlete. There's certainly potential for movement there with so many obstacles present, and so some parkour there in the future might be a possibility if opportunity allows. Shot and edited in 1080p full HD by Gunner.


Until quite recently, this glass factory a few hours out of Sofia, Bulgaria had conveyor belts loaded with bottles in-the-making, (to use a cliche) frozen in time. Now only a shell remains. (And now for another cliche.) Time marches on. Shot and edited in 4K ultra high definition by Gunner.

Next Stop Dust

Judging by the artefacts left, it is clear that this office building a few hours out of Sofia, Bulgaria, made good use of its proximity to the neighbouring glass factory. The factory is now all but gone: a shell of what it once was. But next door stands a fulsome, crumbling archive of studious human … Continue reading Next Stop Dust

Chim Chim Cher-ee

At this former Bulgarian glass factory, climbing one of the several chimneys on offer was an instantly appealing way to survey the industrial ruin below. However, climbing became attractive for purely pragmatic reasons too, once the foreman overseeing the demolition of the site was on our trail. Climbing the chimney was an opportunity to become … Continue reading Chim Chim Cher-ee

Confront : A Void

It matters little what kind of product this factory used to make. Nor does it particularly matter that the location is a couple of hours' drive out of Sofia, Bulgaria. This kind of sensation - of being a tiny, living, breathing life-force dwarfed inside a vast, long-dead structure - can be found anywhere, and experienced … Continue reading Confront : A Void