Exploring the labyrinthian maze of a former cool store complex…

4 thoughts on “Cooler

    1. Nice! Thanks for that Tina. And the posts continue: today’s (Controlled Ascent) has extra amounts of what you coined “up-top time”. I actually don’t know many WordPress blogs to recommend in kind. This will motivate me to take a look around. You are most deserving of these kinds of community awards. You balance post-graduate studies, maintaining the momentum of your own Vienna blog, and taking an interest in what us others are doing. Thanks as always for your interest in us – your comments and likes are always noticed and appreciated by us all 🙂 Peace. Gnr.

      1. Well, you do provide the answer to all those times when you look up at a place and wonder what it looks like inside 🙂 That makes it worth it (for a curious cat like me anyway)

  1. That is a cool old building I went there years ago and in those days most of the old wharf on the river side was still there. Got some cool pictures. Not as good as yours but pretty ggod.

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