• Who would want to do urban exploration?

People from all walks of life. Anyone who is naturally curious about their surroundings can be drawn to exploring the places that others overlook – be it abandoned buildings, drains, old military installations, or virtually anywhere. If you have ever peered inside a boarded-up window to see what might have once been inside, and what might still remain, you have entered the world of urban exploration.

  • What is urban exploration?

Urban exploration, or urbex as it is colloquially known, is the act of exploring and documenting abandoned spaces or areas where most people would not usually venture. As a rule of thumb active locations are not suitable for urbex, and illegal activities such as tagging and vandalism are forbidden within our community. We strive to leave as little a footprint on the places we visit as possible, and whenever we can we will actively try to make locations more secure to prevent less salubrious individuals from gaining access.

  • When did urbex start?

Urbex has been around since the first humans in one form or another. We are a naturally curious species. If we did not have a biological desire to explore we would still (if we hadn’t been driven to extinction) be an isolated pocket of individuals in Africa. This desire to explore is not merely limited to geographical discovery. It is also a powerful force which drives us to explore our communities and civic spaces, and in modern times our urban environment.

  • Where does urbex take place?

Abandoned buildings, rooftops, drains, urban infrastructure and the like. Our interest in abandoned structures is motivated by a desire to experience and to document them before they are lost to vandalism or demolition, or changed through restoration or modernisation.

[by Blob]


4 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Victim H

    There are very dangerous people living out of Sol Square’s abandoned buildings. Please avoid at all costs – not safe !!!!

      1. Victim H

        I got attacked/beaten and held there for an hour, phone and personal items taken. Made me lay face down on the broken glass with my top over my face, while they talked about what would happen next.
        I thought I wasn’t getting out- not worth it.

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