Bad Education

This former highschool was closed about 15 years ago… It’s still standing- just. The decay and vandalism that has occurred in the interim is astounding! It’s finally due for demolition soon- the land it stands on is to be developed into a retirement village…

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6 thoughts on “Bad Education

  1. hayley

    Very cool. Pretty sure this is the school I noticed (and had to stop for a gawp at) while cycling past recently. Can’t see much from the perimeter fence 🙂

  2. Nicky

    My old school, I lived two doors up for 9 years, sad to see it’s gone! Awesome childhood memories as I used that high school as my personal play ground.

  3. Daniel

    The problem with Urban Exploration in New Zealand is that no one ever shares their locations with anyone else making it very difficult for aspiring explorers to get into the scene.


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