Waikune Prison Part two

Abandoned since 1986 this derelict prison camp located in a remote area of the North Island in New Zealand barely resembles a prison. The prison is heavily decayed with surprisingly little vandalism and the prisons strange colour schemes were meant to help calm prisoners. Our road trip taking us to this prison began with a sunny 18 degrees, five hours later we were in snow, this place  had a very somber feeling to it.

With thanks to WildBoyzUE who joined Urbexcentral for this explore.


3 thoughts on “Waikune Prison Part two

  1. Bevan

    This was Government vandalism at its best, we were there when the prison gangs from other prisons turned up with crowbars and hammers and took the roofs off all the main buildings. The prison had been closed by then and I was contracted to secure it, keep people out. Who would want to break into a prison? Did you discover the boiler room? and the concrete lined tunnel that runs under the main complex? There were 22 houses there then and a large hall but I understand there are only 3 or 4 left there now. There was an attempt to replace the roofs at one stage but this was abandoned.

    1. Juno

      Hi Bevan, I am an architecture student in Auckland uni. I choose Waikune Prison as my thesis project this year and I just wonder can I go to enter this Prison and have a site visit?

  2. Ange

    I’ve always driven past and wondered about this place. Now i know i was right in thinking it was a prison or something similar. Thanks for the pictures,decaying buildings are sad yet fascinating.


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