New Zealand

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13 thoughts on “New Zealand

  1. hey guys theres a sanitorium along the rail trail you should come down and check out. i think it’s a sanitorium. its privately owned but if you were to come down, i’m sure you’ll find a way in 🙂

  2. Hi have u been to invercargill or dunedin? My hubby and I are explores to but having trouble finding amazing places other than an old hospital. I know that dunedin is full of hidden tunnels and underground bunkers but to find the entrance Stuart St-Moray Place is a different story haha

  3. Hey, I know this is a long shot but does anyone know of any abandoned resort type place, like a old golf course or something? Thanks!

  4. hey, does anyone know of any good spots in the hawkes bay area? ive been to the old hospital and a fair few of the abandoned cottages along the highway but i cant really find many others?

  5. Hi I am looking for interesting locations to photograph around the Catlins or Southland area. Getting on in age so no huge treks, any where identified would be treated with respect.

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