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Top Level Meeting

With abandonment comes a kind of anarchic freedom. While much of the grandeur of the former socialist meeting house at Buzludzha, Bulgaria has been lost to decay, theft, recycling and vandalism, the views from the top of the tower remain, magnificent. Shot and edited in 4K ultra high resolution by Gunner.


To The Sea of Love

It must have been ever so motivating, having finished a length of the stroke of one’s choice in this Soviet-era swimming pool in Bulgaria, to look up and see socialist imagery on a giant scale. Many personal bests were no doubt achieved in such an inspiring setting. Shot and edited in 4K ultra high definition by Gunner.


Walking around the ransacked socialist meeting house at Buzludzha in the Bulgarian mountains, it seems as if it was vacated long, long before the late 1980’s. Weathered mosaics in a state of crumbling decay are more reminiscent of ancient roman artefacts than mementos that flourished within living memory. Shot and edited in 1080p full HD by Gunner.

Petit Ossuary

One’s ability to walk freely into this ossuary is somewhat unsettling and confronting in relation to patterns and codes of behaviour around human remains that exist elsewhere. However, the artful calligraphy on the skulls, and our desire and that of others before – and presumably after – us to leave them undisturbed affords some welcome sanctity. Memento mori: we remember death both as a concept, and the personalisation of it, in these individuals who have passed away. Shot and edited in 4K ultra high definition by Gunner.

Next Stop Dust

Judging by the artefacts left, it is clear that this office building a few hours out of Sofia, Bulgaria, made good use of its proximity to the neighbouring glass factory. The factory is now all but gone: a shell of what it once was. But next door stands a fulsome, crumbling archive of studious human endeavour that ceased as soon as the economics dictated otherwise. Shot and edited in 4K ultra high definition by Gunner.