Black Palace

"Black Palace" (Damnak Sla Khmao) was a little summer palace of King Sihanouk, abandoned sometime in the late 1960's or early 1970's. It's located on Bokor Hill Station in southern Cambodia. The "Palace" itself is not on a grand scale, but the overall spectacular location and many outer buildings must have been fairly impressive in … Continue reading Black Palace


I Got You In My Sights

Near the end of WW2, between 30 and 50 anti-fascist partisans were trapped in fields here defending themselves against Bulgarian bomber planes. They held out for several hours, surrounded with no hope of escape or survival. One of them was a doctor who had treated wounded fellow partisans at secret infirmaries. He was captured alive … Continue reading I Got You In My Sights

Artillery This coastal artillery battery (one of many) was built to defend New Zealand's capital Wellington against a Naval attack. Work began in 1908 on constructing a 2 gun battery using 6"MkVII guns. By 1912 these 6" guns were manned by the Wellington Naval Artillery Volunteers. At its prime at the beginning of World War … Continue reading Artillery


The Crusader fortress of Beaufort Castle- constructed in the 12th century- has been the focus for countless battles and the home of many occupiers over the centuries. Beaufort (French for “beautiful fortress”) sits atop a 300 meter cliff which declines steeply to the Litani River. Its commanding location, with views over of much of southern … Continue reading Beaufort


Vukovar, Croatia, 2002: Vukovar was utterly destroyed after a three month seige against the mostly Croat defenders by the Serb-dominated Yugoslav Army (JNA) in November 1991. Some estimates are that Serb gunners fired a million shells into Vukovar destroying 15,000 buildings. It was the first European city since WWII entirely leveled to the ground. At … Continue reading Vukovar