The end of Dunedin Cadbury Factory

The Dunedin Cadbury factory closed in 2018 after 88 years of operation, it was a very controversial shut down with the factory recently being sold to mondalez. This sale was often linked to the factory’s demise, it was a very sad end to the cadbury saga in New Zealand.

I had dreamt of this explore for years before actually doing it, imagining going back through the ‘cadbury world’ exhibition I went through as a youngster and to see the infamous chocolate fountain in its full abandoned glory. This was however, not quite how I imagined as demolition was quite far through by the time we managed access. Enjoy the pics!

The infirmary

Built around 1901 this old infirmary became a rest home and then a backpackers before being left to ruin, most probably demolition by neglect. We explored this place earlier this year, it was a huge sprawling complex with plenty to see and photograph, there was heaps of natural decay as the building didn’t seem to have been maintained at all for a long time.

We hope you enjoy the pictures,