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In Tandom

The tanning of leather for footwear production in New Zealand was, until the mid 1980’s, protected by tariffs which raised the price of imported footwear. Global trade pressure prevailed, however, and the 1990’s saw New Zealand tanneries shift to selling at international leather fairs, with China and the United States becoming the most significant markets. The global financial crisis of 2008/9 and subsequent instability has seen consumers buying fewer leather-clad pieces of furniture, and making their footwear last longer. This tannery seems to have succumbed under the pressure, along with other similar facilities throughout New Zealand and Australia. Shot and edited in 1080p full HD by Gunner.


Dot On A Landscape

This chimney is part of a meat freezing works that operated between 1890 and 1987 on a site spanning 26 acres. It only operated independently for 6 years before being taken over by its major creditor, the National Mortgage and Agency Company of New Zealand. In 1940 it began its second half-century under the ownership of Manchester’s Co-operative Wholesale Society. With demolition well underway, one wonders if this chimney will be the last feature to be erased off the landscape. Shot and edited in 1080p full HD by Gunner.


Gunner writes: So I’ve been thinking about time. In less than nine and a half hours NZ will herald in a new year. Time is important. That’s why I spend so much of it making films of experiences I wish to remember. That’s also why I edit them so carefully: so as to not waste my viewers’ precious time. And finally, friends, that’s why I appreciate each and every one of you who invests a little of your time into watching the films that I make, and encouraging me to make more, to live more. Ngā mihi o te Kirihimete me te Tau Hou. Kia kaha e arohanui, from Aoteraroa, New Zealand. G x
Shot and edited in 1080p full HD by Gunner.

Tan Done

We dropped into this tannery some time ago while doing a day road trip with a parkour athlete. There’s certainly potential for movement there with so many obstacles present, and so some parkour there in the future might be a possibility if opportunity allows. Shot and edited in 1080p full HD by Gunner.

Night Riding

Driving through the Manawatu at night can be boring, but not when you have abandoned buildings and stars to take photos of!
Featured in this post are a strange concrete shed on a paddock, a quarry, and the hospital featured in this post (in a new light):
Stay tuned for more posts from this trip.

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