Hilltop Hospital in East Manawatu

This rural hospital became defunct once the small country town in which it is located upgraded their facilities and build a new hospital on a different site, by the time we managed to explore it an entire wing had been removed and much of the interior had been stripped and sold to building recyclers. It is a shame to lose what was once such a nice example of art deco architecture. These photos were taken by an associate of ours, so credit goes to them for the images.DSC_0269DSC_0262DSC_0257DSC_0249DSC_0240DSC_0223DSC_0220


5 thoughts on “Hilltop Hospital in East Manawatu

    1. Hi Hayley 🙂 A couple of the guys have had brief encounters with the place. I hear part of it is used as a live-in music recording studio now. Certainly somewhere of interest. Have you been through yourself, or know anybody who has?

      1. No, I just drive by it every couple of months or so thinking it would be a great place to look around. I’m a sucker for decaying buildings but rarely delve further, hence I appreciate your fine work 🙂

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