Hospital on the Hill pt 2: Hospital Laundry

One of the first buildings we came across on the site was the hospital laundry, these machines once cleaned sheets, scrubs, and other laundry for the entire hospital complex and judging by the size of them there must have been a lot of it.
I wonder what will come of these huge washing machines, dryers and linen presses when the building is torn down – perhaps they will simply end up melted down for scrap like so many other artifacts are when an abandoned building is demolished.
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4 thoughts on “Hospital on the Hill pt 2: Hospital Laundry

  1. Rob

    I worked in that laundry many years ago. Laundry all gone now and there is only half the hospital left. will be all gone soon.

    1. urbexcentral Post author

      Wow that’s amazing, were all those machines always there? I think everything is gone at the hospital now? Even the underground operating theatres?


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