A Derelict Courthouse

It had always been on Urbexcentrals 'to do list' to find a abandoned court house, imagine the fun of acting out awaiting a sentencing in the dock! Perhaps even a trial surrounding artistic freedom and taking photos in forbidden places šŸ™‚ The court house was built over a hundred years ago and was heated by … Continue reading A Derelict Courthouse


Kingdom’s gone!

This derelict and forgotten film set was never actually used for filming as the movie was mothballed after running out of money. The set still stands waiting for its film crew and producers to perhaps one day return. Exploring this abandoned movie set in the middle of rural New Zealand countryside was quite the experience, … Continue reading Kingdom’s gone!

The Mansion

Built out of New Zealand native kauri wood in 1899 and the largest structure in New Zealand around in its time, this grand mansion is slated for demolition following extensive earthquake damage. The mansion was built lavishly both inside and out for a Scottish immigrant Allan McLean, and its beauty is resounding evenĀ in its currently … Continue reading The Mansion

North Korea in New Zealand

The information I had surrounding this location sounded almost mythological, an abandoned North KoreanĀ prison movie set in Queenstown? Since access to the mountain had been closedĀ for the last five years, I had to go in the hard way, straight up the sheer face of the mountain!Ā A few cuts and bruises later navigating dense bush, deer … Continue reading North Korea in New Zealand

Cargill’s Castle

Cargill's castle is located on a beautiful position overlooking the pacific ocean, it is one of only two castle's in New Zealand. Gutted by fire and restored in the 1940's to be abandoned in ruins till present day this castle is protected by a trust who are trying to fun raise to turn the castle … Continue reading Cargill’s Castle

Hospital Down South

Standing proudly on top of the hill overlooking a lower South Island town, this once-grand hospital now sits decaying and derelict. Little positive future can beĀ foreseeableĀ aside from demolition for this location as the buildings were purpose built as a hospital and not a motel, there are simply too many buildings and grounds for the owners … Continue reading Hospital Down South