The Mansion

Built out of New Zealand native kauri wood in 1899 and the largest structure in New Zealand around in its time, this grand mansion is slated for demolition following extensive earthquake damage.

The mansion was built lavishly both inside and out for a Scottish immigrant Allan McLean, and its beauty is resounding even in its currently dilapidated state. McLean donated his mansion to women’s education upon his death, a worthy cause – we hope McLean’s can eventually be restored and not demolished.

Exploring one of Christchurch’s last grand mansions still standing brought emotions of amazement and sadness as we looked around its unique beauty and its so-far-decided future, demolition.





3 thoughts on “The Mansion

  1. Malina

    Such a beautiful building, Such a waste it being demolished as so many other beautiful buildings here in ChCh have been 😦

  2. C.L

    Sadly this building has had alarms installed so acess is quite hard. Has decayed up to a point where it feels quite unsafe when walking up one of the hallways. I took afew photos though the last time we were able to gain access before they put the alarms in


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