Hospital Down South

Standing proudly on top of the hill overlooking a lower South Island town, this once-grand hospital now sits decaying and derelict. Little positive future can be foreseeable aside from demolition for this location as the buildings were purpose built as a hospital and not a motel, there are simply too many buildings and grounds for the owners to know what to do with. The hospital-turned-backpackers was opened on 2 December 1872 and closed in 1998, much of the site including its operating theaters, x-ray, psychiatric and emergency departments have been abandoned since.


7 thoughts on “Hospital Down South

  1. Wally

    I had a look around this place (just from the outside) last year, after stumbling across it while driving exploring our holiday town. A fascinating place, and awesome location – I wish I’d explored further. Maybe next time. I love old buildings. Not necessarily abandoned ones – just being able to see the different usages and modifications over time adds to the interest.

  2. mike keen

    yep all gone now but i have aerial vid and photos of is deconstruction as i have bin following it through from start to finish


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