Liebster Award

One of our Urbex Central followers has nominated us for the Liebster Award – which is like a chain letter of affection from one blogger to the next, but without the spurious claims of profound loss of luck if the chain is broken. Thank you Tina of Everyday life in Vienna (aka tinasrabbithole). Tina’s faithful ‘likes’ regularly skew the fragile ecosystem of our blog’s statistics, conveying the impression that we’ve established a hardcore following of Austrians. In fact, we have found a hardcore following in one Norwegian ex-Wellingtonian residing in Vienna. But who’s counting anyway? Check out Tina’s observations from a land where lovers lock themselves to bridges, and toilet patrons make use of a handy little porcelain shelf upon which to inspect their own (and conceivably, one another’s?) stools for ‘health reasons’.

Apparently the Liebster guidelines require us to say a little about ourselves, and suggest some blogs worth checking out.

Righto. Well Urbex Central is playground to a group of charming subversives who unite under the nom de plume The Inspectres. We delight in going places that get our hearts racing, our senses maxing-out, our limbs aching and our imaginations whirring. We are really just finding our feet as a collective, discovering through trial and error what each of us can do: find, scout, film, shoot, edit, write, act, climb, sneak, slither, haul, impersonate, improvise, infiltrate. Wellington, New Zealand feels right now like it is opening in our hands like some kind of exotic stone fruit. We’re savoring it.

As far as blogs we follow, they are as diverse as we are.

We certainly love the photography of Fergus Cunningham.

We contribute to the work of Wellingtonia.

It’s always interesting to see what thecoffeeimp has been doing the morning after what we’ve been doing the night before.

iambidong has been generous with what he knows and what he shoots. He has released a free ebook (for people new to the idea of urban exploration) here

That’s plenty. Liebster Awards for them all!

Thanks for following us, and happy exploration to you, in whatever way that manifests in your own life.



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