Hospital on the Hill pt 4: Wards

Exploring some of the wards of the abandoned hospital in central New Zealand featured in our previous posts.

Click on each thumbnail to view the full picture.

The previous posts may be viewed here:

More to come…

3 thoughts on “Hospital on the Hill pt 4: Wards

  1. Last year .. one night really late after dropping off the 18year olds at the pub … my partner and I decided to stop and take a look at the hospital. My other son was with us as well .. and no sh.t we all heard art deco music playing … it was the most strangest thing. We got out of the car and walked up as far as we could go. There were lights on in certain parts of the building as it was around the time it was starting to be demolished. I have no idea if anyone else has heard that music coming from there before, but I will never forget it.

      1. Well thats good to know then! Dont know why they played it at 11pm at night and such old music .. dont even know what they would play that sort of music on! Haha

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